Graham Group begins each new client relationship with thorough research about the business, internal culture, corporate philosophy, business plan, and competitors in the industry. This information is gathered through study and research including, but not limited to, corporate documents and interviews with key executives and managers. Our activities on behalf of our clients are guided by this knowledge and the quality of our work is significantly enhanced because we take the time and effort to know our client thoroughly.

FEE STRUCTURE                                                                                                                             RECRUITING PROCESS

Definition of the Position
We use our knowledge of the client organization and the position to prepare a comprehensive draft of the Position Profile. It provides information about the responsibilities of the position, how it fits into the corporate hierarchy, and ways that it supports the organizationís business plan. Desired credentials and qualifications of suitable candidates are also included in the Position Profile. This information is vital to the accurate and effective
communication of the position to potential candidates and to the screening of candidates who will be submitted for consideration. We review the Profile with the client and make necessary revisions to conform the content to the clientís specifications.

Candidate Development
The universe from which we draw candidates is not limited to our database or those resources whom we already know. Our approach assures that original research is conducted for every assignment. This means that we are in constant contact with individuals who are potential candidates and prominent industry leaders who help us identify new talent.

Our consultants possess a sophisticated and complete data bank of candidates, a thorough knowledge of the geographical area, and a personal knowledge of the field, which they work in to fill these and many other types of job openings.

Once our research has developed prospective candidates, we screen them to determine level of interest and to assess suitability of experience and credentials. The top candidates are selected for personal interviews with a principle to evaluate interpersonal skills and to clarify and expand relevant background information. At this point, we verify each candidateís educational credentials and work history. We then prepare a detailed written evaluation of each candidate and assist in developing a strategy for selecting a finalist and contacting references.

Successful Completion
Graham Groupís
work is not finished when the finalist is identified. We can assist in formulating and negotiating an appropriate compensation arrangement. We maintain close contact with all parties during the recruiting and negotiating period to assure that the chances for a long and successful association are maximized.

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