About Us

Graham Group’s expertise begins with a talented group of highly trained professional consultants. Team-based practice areas, as well as cross-practice collaborative exchanges, facilitate the deepest, best practice and benchmarking knowledge.

Our focus is on “change”, or facilitators on the “road of continuous improvement.” By engaging the true motivations of both sides in our process, the net result is a greater recognition of the benefits in any potential relationship and, ultimately, greater effectiveness in facilitating successful unions.

Our strategic process includes targeted selection, assessment, negotiation and placement. We strive for long-term retention.  We have learned that combining our abilities as industry liaisons with our continuous efforts to establish long-term relationships with our clients produces a successful result.

It is no secret that pitching the same-old, tired, well-used candidates from one organization to another is a common practice among some recruiting firms. In light of this, our objective is to land and secure talented professionals at all levels of their career, which can make a contribution to the success of our clients.  We take a different approach to discover the “right” individual for the opportunity, rather than just a person who is LOOKING for a job that by chance is an occupant of the industry. We staff dynamic recruiters who are knowledgeable of the industry.  Our experience and proven process delivers the results our client's need.  Graham Group’s growth is directly attributable to expanding relationships with existing clients and referrals.

The ability to evaluate information and pay much-needed attention to our client's concerns is at the core of our process.  We work to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients as well the desires of those we recruit.  The resulting relationships place us in the ideal position to present efficient and  effective solutions.

Graham Group has carved a substantial niche in the executive search industry by concentrating on career profiling, which is a significant benefit to both our clients and candidates.



With our expertise in the insurance industry, our staff has established a national network system. This powerful network includes scores of insurance organizations with managers and senior-level executives, many of whom we have personally placed.  

Additionally, they are able to call upon the many (MRI) Management Recruiter International resources that combine the abilities of insurance recruiters in cities all over the United States.  If your company is looking for a candidate in another state, or if a candidate is seeking a new position in another country, our strong international network allows us to meet these special needs.



Our client base is comprised of organizations with diverse industry niches, allowing us to focus on a wide variety of positions within the insurance industry as a whole. We know the industry because of our experience building successful teams within the insurance arena.

Over the years, we have acquired an expansive understanding of the dynamics involved with attracting quality contributors and managers. We understand the need to generate revenue through senior-level professionals, and we know how to identify key leadership characteristics in such individuals before making introductions.

Our clients know they can rely on our professional and confidential services to ensure quality top-level matches.



Because our core focus is on serving the insurance industry, we understand where career minded individuals are going, and we can help establish a career path to accomplish these goals.

Each professional is qualified for potential employment through career profiling; a carefully developed employment biography which determines how their talents, experience, and other traits are in the marketplace.   In addition, we qualify opportunities to ensure top-players are suiting up for the right team.

One can be assured of our discretion. We never send out credentials without permission. Our candidates know they can depend on our professional and confidential services to help chart the course to their ultimate success.


Ethics Statement

Graham Group provides recruiting services to clients and candidates in the most confidential, prompt and professional manner.  We subscribe to a strict code of ethical standards. Graham Group has built a reputation of excellence by achieving outstanding results while maintaining a high code of ethics for both clients and candidates. We never forward your resume to a client company without your verbal or written approval. We never falsify information.  We do not deliberately misrepresent a company to a prospective candidate.  We never falsify or change submitted information.  We always attempt to answer all questions in a honest manner.  We are a recognized, national search firm subscribing to the Equal  Opportunity Practices of the Federal and State Government. We will refer all qualified candidates without regard to race, color,  national origin, sex, age, physical handicap or medical condition.


Mission Statement

The mission of Graham Group is to…

Attribute greatly to a client companies’ success by placing top-level professionals with superior organizations while preserving integrity and confidentiality through observance of the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.